Within Temptation 23th September 2011 013 Tilburg

Ather waiting for a long time, the day was there. Within Temptation in 013 Tilburg with the Unforgiving tour. Arround half past 5 my mom , 2 friends and myself took the train to Tilburg. We arrived at 6:15 pm at the 013. at 7 o'clock the doors opened. And we could go inside. We stood in the frond. I think the second or thirt row. 

 At 8 o'clock Guild of Stags starded to play. They didn't sound bad, but we couldn't hear the singer very well. The music sounds every song a bit the same, so afther a few songs you know it already. ( I'm sorry guys).

On stage there stood reindeer with red eyes. So we made a little joke, Rudolf the red eyes reindeer.

At 8:45 pm Within Temptation started with the shortmovie Mother Maiden.  The band came onstage.  This was also my first gig without Robert, but with Stefan. It was a bit strainge because there was just one bald head. Stefan was a bit shy but how longer he was one stage how more he was really enjoy. 

When the band started to play What Have You Done, I souted "Sharon what have you done!?"  She heard that and she went searching who souted that, but she couldn't found me..

At the end they played Stairway to the skies. it was still a bid weard because in the beginning ( bit to the middle) they did play Ice Queen. But this song is also a beautifull song for the end.  When the song was done, Sharon thanks the crowd for the great evening.  Ruud also said something because he played in is home town. But he said that Mike have to tell something because it was his first Wt gig in his home town. He told it was awsome for him to play in Tilburg and that he really enjoyed it.

It was a great concert. Sharon's voice was great. The band did really enjoyed the gig.  Even we could see Jeroen that he had really enjoyed the gig.



10th of September 2011 Appelpop

Hello everyone,

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th of September there was again a free festival in Tiel called Appelpop. I went there a specially for Delain and the Baseballs.

I went at the festival arround half past one. At the entrance it was very busy. Afther more than a half an hour we got finally at the festival aria.  I run to the stage where Delain was already playing. The gig was awsome. The band and the crowd had a lot of fun. At the last song (the gathering) Me and my goodfriend, boyfriend and mum we went to the place where the sigingsession would be.

The setlist was.

Invidia, stay forever, get the devil out of me, April rain , Go Away, Sleepwalkers dream, Control the storm and The Gathering

 We waited there for 45 minutes or something for the band. 15 minutes afther three the band came. We were  one of the first who got the chance to speak with the band and get on the picture with them and get the sign. My boyfriend who like Charlotte ask her to sign his ass. She thought he made a joke but he didn't.So he got her sign on his ass. The reaction of the boys were so funny. I'm not gonna do that.  I had a little chat with Martijn and with Timo. I also got his guitarpic because he had promised. 

 Afther the signing session we walked a little bid round and afther that we went back home again.

At the evening I went back with the same good friend and this time with my aunt. We went back for The baseballs. That gig was very nice. But it was very busy. But we were early so we stood in the frond. (almost).  The boys really can sing at have a good preformans. i had a great time at that gig.


23th of August Within Temptation @Stoppelhaene

On 25 of August I went to Stoppelhaene festival in Raalte. I arrived arround half past 4 in Raalte. I had walked before the stage and listening to the sound check. (without band) Later is saw some other fans.  I think it was 6 of 7 o’clock or later some guards came to us. He told us we had to leave the “field”. So we leave. At  half past 7 we could go back to the ‘field’ again. We run to the stage and stays at the frond row.  On stage there was a DJ. He had fault (wrong) Music. On half past 8 the First gig of the evening starded. It was Guus Meeuwes. He is a Dutch artist.  He played until 9:45 pm. On 10:35 pm WT starded to play. The show begun with the short movie Mother Maiden. Afther the short movie the band begun play Shot in the dark. The rest of the setlist was ; In the middle  of the night, Faster, Fire and ice, Ice Queen, Iron, Stand my ground,  a piece of the short movie of Sinéad, Sinéad, What have you done, Angels, Memories, Deceiver of fools, Mother earth and as last song Stairway to the skies.

 WT @ stoppelhaene

The Show was in my opinion great. The sound was better then on Huntenpop. There was one problem. At the beginning of Faster or Iron I don’t no for sure wich song Ruud’s guitar was false.  So he had to took an other guitar. For the begin solo. Afther the solo he took the guitar back and he while he played again, he made his guitar right again. The show was great, and the short movies were great. Afther the show I got the guitar pick from Ruud, and I took an Theater Tour poster. I am looking forward the next shows I going to see.

 I hope you get a good vision of the show. And liked the report.

 With love,

 Michelle Wolf

12th of August 2011. Within Temptation - The First Challenge

The time was there,  12th of August. The date of The First Challenge.

I arrived arround half past 5 in Ulft. It wasn’t very busy at all. (I did expected that.) I thought that I could never stays at the frond row or on the second a tird row. But I did, I stood on the tird row.  Between Ruud en Sharon..  Around 7 o’clock the support act started to play Guild of Stags. It didn’t sounds bad, but I didn’t like it. I can’t tell good why I don’t like it. Around 8:45 pm the band started to play. (ofcource 15 minutes to late) They starded with Shot in the dark.  Sharon made a mistake so the guys (Robert and Ruud) had to hurry to came on stage on time. They had played the whole The Unforgiving cd. And afthert that they have played Deceiver of fools, Intro (TSF) See who I am, Angels, Stand my ground, memories, Mother earth, what have you done and ofcourse Ice Queen. The sound wasn’t very good there. In mine opinion it was a good concert. The band had a lot of fun. Ok there where some technical problems, and not all lyrics went well but ok. There was ofcourse also a lot of fire. With this tour there is fire, a lots of light and smoke. I think for me the funniest moment of the gig was, at the end of Mother earth there was ofcourse a hard BAM with firework. And a girl who was standing next to me and my friends shocked, Because she didn’t expected that. So she took the arm of my best friend.


 Ofcourse they played Ice Queen as final song. In the end there came white cool stuff down. Finally because it was very warm in side of the stand. Unfortunately the race car (The beast) wasn’t there, because the weater the day before was bad a lot of rain.  Afther the gig I tried to get a big Theater Tour poster. (there were hanging some theater tour posters) But I was to late.  It was a great evening. I didn’t want to miss it.

 I hope you liked my report of The First Challenge.

 With Love,

Michelle Wolf.

About me.

Hi Everyone,

I shall introduce myself.

I'm Michelle Wolf.

And I am from The Netherlands.

I like to go to concerts and festival.

I will try to make nice reports in my best English.

I really hope you will like it.

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